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The 2018 EPS Apologetics Conference Lectures

Every year since 2001, Biola University and the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS) have brought some of the brightest Christian thinkers and spokespersons to a local city of the U.S. in order to help people think Christianly about challenges to their faith.

In November 2018, EPS presented its 17th conference in partnership with Biola University and Southeast Christian Church in Paraker CO. Joining us for this year's conference were Gary Habermas, Lee Strobel, J Warner Wallace, JP Moreland, William Lane Craig and many more!

The audio recordings can be purchased for streaming below.

Click play to hear a free sample of the conference: Craig Hazen's "Fearless Prayer"

EPS 2018 Lectures

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  • Plenary A: JP Moreland – Near Death Experiences
  • Breakout 1: Clay Jones – Why Does God Allow Evil?
  • Breakout 2: Sarah Geis – The Benefit of Doubt: Examining Skepticism
  • Breakout 3: Scott Rae – Bioethics and the Assault on Human Dignity
  • Breakout 4: Claudia Kalmikov – Responding to Relativism
  • Breakout 5: Brandon Rickabaugh - Divine Silence and the Hidden Self
  • Plenary B: William Lane Craig – Arguments For God
  • Plenary C: J. Warner Wallace - Cold Case Christianity
  • Breakout 6: John Bloom – Archaeological Apologetics
  • Breakout 7: Alan Shlemon - Answering Islam
  • Breakout 8: Melissa Travis - Science and the Mind of the Maker
  • Breakout 9: Megan Almon - Preparing Christian Students for College Challenges
  • Breakout 10: Mihretu Guta - Does the Brain Think?
  • Breakout 11: Angus Menuge - The True Foundations of Human Rights
  • Plenary D: Gary Habermas - Is the Shroud of Turin the Burial Cloth of Jesus?
  • Plenary E: Craig Hazen - Fearless Prayer
  • Breakout 12: Greg Koukl - Tactics in the Defense of the Faith
  • Breakout 13: Paul Copan - Is God a Moral Monster? Understanding God's Old Testament Commands
  • Breakout 14: Rodney Lake - Transgender: Understanding the Gender Identity Phenomenon
  • Breakout 15: Scott Smith - Evolution's Fatal Flaw: How Naturalistic Science Digs Its Own Grave
  • Breakout 16: Robert Stewart - The Exclusivity of Christ in a Pluralistic World
  • Breakout 17: Jenna Ellis - Being a Christian in the Media and the Public Square
  • Breakout 18: Douglas Groothius - A Wife's Illness, A Philosopher's Lament
  • Breakout 19: Mark Mittleberg - Questions that Christians Hope No One Will Ask
  • Breakout 20: Paul Gould - The Unexpected Power of Art and Beauty in Apologetics
  • Breakout 21: Michael Bossman - Understanding the Artifacts
  • Plenary F: Lee Strobel - The Case for Miracles

Buy Now - $59

Please allow a few minutes after purchasing the course for your e-mail to arrive giving you access to the lectures.

Please allow a few minutes after purchasing the class for your e-mail to arrive giving you access to the lectures.